Signalsmith Audio

About Us

We develop audio effects (VST3), with a mixture of creative effects and useful tools, as well as consultancy services.

Our goals

We want to create something interesting, with new algorithms and a fresh perspective.

Our background

Our audio experience includes a popular effects set for REAPER, as well as other projects in languages from Python and JavaScript to C++.

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What we're working on

We have some new ideas to try out, and decided to bring them to life as VST3 plugins. Although nothing is public yet, we are currently working on:

Atlantis Reverb
an algorithmic reverb based on spectral resynthesis (not convolution or delay lines)
Atlantis Chorus
a spin-off from Atlantis Reverb, using some of the same techniques
a synth based on phase-distortion

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We provide consulting services, including algorithm design/implementation for audio and other DSP areas.

Take a look at our lead engineer's CV for more information.